today, we’re gonna do a full body functional workout I Was there just for me I’m so fun. They’re fun Sure know we’re gonna be using dumbbells only for this so and We say that’s quite helpful in terms of equipment because sometimes we don’t have access to all that equipment So that’s so cool as well. So yeah If you like this video, please give me a big thumbs up hit the subscribe button and we’ll get straight into it So just start off any workout I always spend five to ten minutes warming up throwing I find is a great one, especially for functional training One thing about muck is you want to be working at like five to six so if you’re working above that then You’re gonna be tired for your actual training session. So one of the mistakes I always used to do is to go up Basically have like eight section before and then I was like, I’m like what I’m dying. So keeps on in the tack I Literally just discovered a few weeks ago. It’s it’s gaseous Jaime This one you’re going to go into a geisha spot If you struggle going into the Geisha squat and you feel like you don’t have enough Sneezes ability or your knees are kind of wobbling around then go into the curtsy lunge Most of the way it’s going to go into your planted foot I’ve put the weights up onto my shoulders because I find that sometimes if I have the weights down by my legs It kind of gets in the way and I also as are focusing on gripped so much I always don’t like it because it engages your shoulders a little bit so Your whole core has to stay really still because sometimes if I’m holding the waist down by my side I tend to let my shoulders Droop and then my whole upper body is just like a bit like jelly But again, if you find that it’s painful on your shoulders Then by all means have the weights down by the side you could also do this with a plate if you prefer Then we are going into short stride lunges, you know anything does not move it’s gonna get all of my legs just a hot mess these If you have knee issues Increase the length of your stride so that it fits less load on your knees to be honest, though You shouldn’t really feel it in your knees because the need that is most bent Will be behind you and the weight should be mostly on your front leg that is forward and that leg will be full body functional dumbbell workout Just a little bit past 90 degrees. But if you do struggle you feel a little bit of pain again Try it out with 40 weight first and then be like that. I want to try it. I just want to do normal walking lunges Absolutely fine again. I put the weights up here if you want to have them down by your side That’s fine or holding onto a plane. That’s fine You can also do it overhead as well If Wantage that increases the difficulty a little bit and encourages you to engage your core These are all variations that you guys can choose to do which is to spice up a little bit Taking a little break from the legs because they felt super soft we’re gonna go into dumbbell rows So again bend slightly at the hips. You want to keep your back from mutual Shoulders back the whole time your back should be the only thing working and try not to use the meds in it. So Side heading do you want to use Mirenda him that tries to stay off the remenham take your nice and slow take the weight down if you have to and You’ll be all good Now this is another full-body move so single arm clean to press the goal here is to Use momentum going on same or don’t use momentum here. We’re using momentum But you really want to drive through the legs It’s kind of like Low-impact plyo move because you’re going super fast using momentum, but you’re not actually impacting on any of the joints This is a new move again that I find really fun and very challenging This was fought with a twist. So He’s not good enough to just do a wall squat If you want to do always but by only doing squat But here I thought you know what let’s let’s challenge our followers So here you’re going to do a wall squat and you’re gonna hold a dumbbell central so you need to have like this that Doesn’t really matter before I do like over what if this hand is like over here if you want you can just swap it around After you set it doesn’t really matter so you’re gonna hold your dumbbell your back is gonna be flat against or if you are arching your back so that your chest is Up and your just your butt is like touching the back then round your apps so that your back is flat against the wall Go down into a 90 degree position when you’re in that position you’re going to twist out so that the dumbbell touches just like shoulder level Come back to Center twist the dumbbell shoulder level your call will be working so hard to keep your back flat and engaged in the twist You’re gonna feel it. You’re also gonna feel it in your shoulders and your biceps because obviously you’re holding the dumbbell Legs guys, it’s just it’s a full body workout Then we’re going into jumping alternate lunges So weights by the side, or you can have them overhead if you prefer or want it give yourself a bit more of a challenge If you struggle because you have knee issues by all means just use static reverse lunges again So amount of reps and set up at this time, that’s gonna be less impact on your knees Moving away from the quartz now we go on to hamstring and glutes So we’re going to do stiff legged deadlifts the further down the stretch the more range of motion you’re going to have the don’t over stretch don’t overdo it because it can get to a point where then you start to engage your Back and you want to make sure your back is nice and flat the whole time So really keep your shoulders back that’ll encourage you to keep your back nice and neutral full body functional dumbbell workout So that’s the end of the workout once you’ve finished your workout spend five to ten minutes warming down so again a really light job a really light side just to get all of the blood flowing and the lactic acid out of your muscles and then give yourself a nice stretch take the time to kind of just relax and Take yourself out of the workouts and then you can get on with the rest of the day injury-free Because it’s so horrible waking up the next day being like, oh, I really really wish I stretched I hope you guys liked this video before you go I’m gonna do a Black Friday sale on my training guides if you haven’t bought anything yet there will be a 20% discount off everything on my website using less code and If you have bought something already, thank you guys so much if there’s something else you wanted from my website you’ll get an extra 25% off anything that you want to buy and if you buy on the day and There is a chance to win a pair of dr. Dre beasts Overhead headphones and I’ll announce it on Instagram post So if you’re not following me on Instagram follow me on Instagram because for giveaways and anything like that It’s kind of like in the moment everyone knows what’s going on Whereas YouTube you want to be watching this like two weeks late or something in which case? I’m really sorry, but I have other stuff coming out in the new year. So Watch out for those too. So yeah, thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did Please give me a big thumbs up Hit the subscribe button and let me know how this workout one for you And if you want to see more workouts like this Just let me know and I’ll get back to you in the comment section. Love ya. Bye الإنجليزية  

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