Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells Review

¬†this is a look at the Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells as you can see each of the dumbbells comes with its own base which is basically made of plastic that’s where the dumbbells will rest when you make the weight adjustments these plates are like a plastic composite also and then the handle in the middle that goes between them is metal as well as the locking clips for the adjustment mechanism or a metal what I like best about these dumbbells is how easy they are to adjust and to use you can see on each end of the dumbbell you have this spin selector which allows you to modify the weight so you said for example if I wanted 25 pounds so it said 25 pounds on that side and 25 pounds on this side and then the weight is good to go I can just pull it out of the base and it’s ready to be used and you’ll notice that the remaining plates that are not used that were released from the locking mechanism stay on the on the base and then whenever you want to change weights again you would simply put the dumbbell back back in its base and then the the spin dial is free to move again this particular model moves from five pounds all the way up to 52 and a half and what’s nice is for the lower weight from 5 pounds to 25 pounds the increment is 2 and a half pounds at a time so you can see there I go from 15 17 and a half 20 22 and a half then I want you once you reach 25 then it goes up in increments of 5 pounds so 3 35 40 and so forth so for the the heavier weights the increment is 5 pounds at a time for the lower weights the increments are two and a half pounds at a time which is nice you can basically use these dumbbells for anything that you would you would do with a regular dumbbell as far as exercises go there very much have the same feel to them when you doin exercises one difference though is that this the dumbbell across here so I take this off the base and put it down here is a little bit longer than a conventional dumbbell so for some exercises if you grab it right in the middle here it might feel a little bit long when you do like shoulder presses for example or two-handed curls you might find them the the two dumbbells side-by-side kind of touch each other before you would expect them to as compared to like a regular dumbbell but if you adjust your grip a little bit it’s pretty easy to to get used to how long these are another cool thing you’ll notice is I took it off the base the weight selector is set to two different weights on each side so you can have that weight offset between the two sides some people like that for working out in different exercises where you have more weight on one side than the other so these dumbbells do have that feature which is kind of cool like I said before the main handle part and the locking mechanism are metal everything else is pretty much plastic or plastic composite so when I put it back in the base and I rotate you can see the metal clips rotating they’re engaging and disengaging the respective plates for whatever way you select that’s pretty much it I mean a couple of kind of general care items are these aren’t really made to be thrown around or dropped like maybe you could a regular dumbbell so it’s important to kind of take extra care and not not throw them around or drop them while you’re working out and the last a good long time I haven’t had any issues with these which is great they’re great for working out great for high-intensity workouts and because you can adjust them so quickly you know you can do stuff like p90x where you don’t have a lot of rest between sets which is which is really cool and convenient because as you can see they don’t take up a lot of space the other caveat as far as a care and use is you don’t want to use these as push-up bars so you don’t want to put your whole body weight on top of the dumbbell that’s not designed for that and it could actually damage the the locking mechanism but aside from those two things I mean these are great dumbbells and you can use them pretty much for any exercise where you would use regular dumbbells and you can go all the way up to 52 and a half pounds for each dumbbell which means you get to save a lot of room and you’re in your home gym as compared to having you know full set of dumbbells and both legs does also have another model the 1090 s that goes even even heavier than that I think up to a 90 pounds if it’s something that you need if you need beyond the 52 and a half but I think for most dumbbell exercises for most people these dumbbells are a really good option for home gym so thanks for watching ¬†

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