30 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout

  body by Amy and this is your whole body dumbbell workout today I have my star client and good friend Jacqueline’s up helping me out you may recognize her from TV and film be sure to follow her at Jacqueline’s ook as you can tell she’s very fit and um we’re going to be giving you a full body workout using the dumbbells and where you’re going to give you lots of options so beginners you’ll have some options to keep it a little lower impact and you’ll sum up some options to take it higher for you intermediate advanced folks out there all you need is dumbbells and a mat we’ll go down to the mat at the end we’ll get a quick little warm-up and stretch and then here we go okay so we’re going to start just warming up roll through those shoulders take them to the front and big deep breath in and out one more take our arms and legs out wide roll to that back so flat back down and round it up a couple more just like that remember with our warmup we’re just trying to get the joints moving blood flowing muscles warm and then we’ll just tap it out just little reaches across so we’re getting a little turn in that torso Little Toaster rotations as well as stretching out through the arms and unless you get over our heads reach long again we want the stretch out of it one of the dynamic stretch so while we’re moving our muscles and joints are getting warmed up and then let’s take the hamstrings up so hamstring curls to the back feet and squeezing back with the arms and then let’s take the knees up so bring it here up and let’s kick it out toy soldier kicks so stretching through those hamstrings reach those arms long sorry no I just me in this face go alright guys shake it all out so go ahead and grab your dumbbells remember bend your knees do it so we’re not getting into that back and the first thing we’re gonna start with so if you notice Jacqueline has two sets of dumbbells if you guys have a couple sets it’s good to keep the folks close by that way so it feels like too much you can drop down or if it feels too easy you can go up alright so we’re going to start we’re going stepping out into a squat so I’m going to step out dumbbells go in the center sit and squat and bring it up here we go so sit low and step it in low step in it so watch closely what we’re not doing is letting our background so we’re getting low with the dumbbells but to do that we’re getting low in the hips you’re really dropping that butt down with those dumbbells and breathe so beginners if this starts to feel like too much you can always drop the dumbbells and go to just a bodyweight squat we’ll just a couple more breathe last two so pouring in here we’re swimming over the basic curls so curl it in and down so what we’re going to do guys we’re going to show you a couple things progressing to what we call compound movement putting upper and lower together upper in core obviously cardio we’re getting all the time keeping that heart rate up we’ll go four and three controlled – so here we go back to that step out squat we’re going to step it out we’re going to curl it in step low sit low curl it in so this is your very basic conical movement beginners at that starts if you like too much just do the squat and then just do the curl totally up to you I give you one more progression if you want we’re gonna lunge it so your squat curl and lunch this is your very advanced version up to you guys if that feels like too much keep it here or even just a squad or the curl so you can here we go we’re gonna go for poor girl three and two last one good shake it out good work guys should feel everything on that heart rates up feeling a lot of good cardio and then we’re getting arms and legs ABS to stabilize alright so with the dumbbells again toes out throw your very basic plie squat so drop it down squeeze up inner thighs so told her out slightly doesn’t have to be super far squeezing in the glutes as you come up trying to get low but again dropping in the hips not in the back guys get four more just like this four and the last two so bring them in push up straight to the center so my elbows are in it’s just a little press and down press and down really small we’re just introducing the movement at this point don’t worry we don’t have to stay here forever we’re just going three two good drop down little taps and one more little upper body let’s take it over the head and we’re gonna go triceps so they’re here cut out them together close if you can elbows are in and we’re extending straight up abs are in tight if you feel like you’re arching that back you can put one foot back again just introducing the movement here not very many I promise here we go and we’ll go for three last two and one good how I feeling you feel those right as a big ones alright guys so let’s put those all together so it’s toes out start with just your plie drop it down bring it up beginners you can stay here separate everything out like we just did everyone else let’s bring them here so here start with the press we press strong legs two strong arms will go four more like this squeeze watch me let’s add those triceps so we’re going low to high behind the head very controlled plie press behind the head so make sure much motion that you’re doing is control guys we don’t want to rush anything especially those triceps at the top breathe low to high well use those ABS at the top too they’re stabilizing quite a bit try not to arch that back looking good guys heart rates up right oh here we go whoo let’s go two more and breathe last one and relax oh man feel that right breathe guys catch your breath quick simple water if you need it after breast we’re keeping those feet moving making sure the hearts still pumping while we rest our muscles give our hands a little break from the dumbbell guess what we’re going to that side squat other side we got it ready for it so bend your knees grab that dumbbells dumbbells now we know what to expect all right stepping that opposite side squat it down bring it up breathe try to get low guys remember the lower we get the hips not the back one around in the back the lower we get some more glutes we’re gonna get the more hamstrings the higher the heart rate which means more calorie burn more fat burn good two and one let’s go ahead hammer curls so palms are facing each other nice and slow in control again introducing the movement and you know what’s coming we’re going to put them together so now we’re not swinging guys very controlled motion elbows are coming to the shoulders three four and three two all right here we go tap them up we’re going to put them together and start with that squat into the curls and then halfway through will add that lunge ready here we go out to the side curl it in curls hi pushing off that one leg from stationary leg both legs are working will really drive into that heel of that stationary leg that ones if you want so here lunge it back totally optional guys beginners you can stay right where you were with that one with that squat and curl you can always just right here or just the squat or just the curl excellent guys you got it here we go four three three two last one perfect sky huh zap it out catch your breath did your hands a break if you need to woo I’m gonna get that plie one more time well we’re not going to separate them out this hair so you go right into it so start with a plie dinners you can always start that first option here we go lose it Enterprise into those heels go buy your own you have to be going to the speed of us have had that press it wasn’t like it press you’re starting to get tired don’t quit on me you can drop one of those dumbbells and take it just one dumbbell you don’t need to push through if you can but if you need to drop it down let’s add the tries yay press tricep here we go low hide behind the head good job guys and up whoo here we go hey breasts huh oh man more and more we got this elbows in very controlled on that tricep I’ve even looked at back because I knows you with perfect form one more whoa hi go ahead guys tap them down drop those dumbbells quick sip of water woo so keep moving active rest happen up or jog it out how’d you hear me say all the time bend your knees to get those dumbbells when you reach for our dumbbells like this that’s how I’ve been hurt so make sure what any time you’re getting them from the floor bending your knees pushing up through those heels just like you’re gonna use water in life so important our injuries usually don’t come from the actual workout it’s the other step in life where we’re not as aware not as controlled all right we’re gonna grab one of our dumbbells bend your knees to get it so let’s put it flip it in this hand so we’re gonna go into that side lunge so here we go we’re stepping on to the side straight leg bent leg yeah give yourself a little space there and that dumbbell is crossing over to the inside of the leg and push it off so here we go take it down push off so it’s gonna feel a lot like that side squat the difference is that we’re letting one leg be straight leaning into that hip drop the dumbbell as close to that foot as you can again without getting into the back we don’t want that eyes up sit low in the hip – so we’re going to add a little hypo so let’s just try this motion so let’s bring it up and so we’re trying to get that elbow up if you have a heavier dumbbell it’s going to be tougher pull those abs in my wrist is straight and not broke in here here pull that weight to the back last two one more do it guys it’s putting together suicide lunge high pull feels like too much your beginner would always just to the lunge or just the arms there we go we’re really focusing on those back muscles it was posture muscles breathe you want to add one more little difficulty level bring that knee up for balance blood right stabilize here always just get here guys four up – one more and relax could tap it out grab that dumbbell with both of those hands and do a little side knee it’s up to you you can keep it close to the body really small and run more of a challenge over the head for aiming for a little side crunch arms and abs here or here here we go in out control so getting a side crunch while we work those arms green arms and abs and cardio excellent guys eight seven five four three over here too last one good tap it down awesome switch it to that other side all that on the other side we’re just a couple minutes I’m taking this format guys you’re doing great we’re going to step out med side lunge then we’ll isolate that hi pool then put them together here we go drop it down and bring it up sit low bring it up remember it’s different than that side squat this leg is staying straight you’re reaching that dumbbell as low as you can go towards that foot we’re dropping the hips not in our best if you start looking at the floor you’re seeing too much of the floor you might be rounding that back so keep those eyes up while you’re getting low here we go – one more nicely that bring it up drop it down use this time to really catch your breath remember we’re pulling back to the side to working those back muscles please after then knees are soft making sure I’m not arching oh four more right here four three two one more tap it alright guys let’s put them together you can do this side lunge to the side reach low high pull up to the side here we go drop it down pull ahead yeah you can just keep the lunge or isolate the high school you need to separate them out remember you don’t have to go the same speed as us if you want to add that balance bring that knee up whoa hold babe good guys you got this abs in tight keep it here too just happen in four three two last one could I bring you guys catch your breath bring it center remember you can just keep it small at the chest or big over the head let’s get a little bit of ABS a little bit of arms here we go yeah and then what we’re not worried about speed hurry it’s gonna get up no matter what breathe excellent guys we go wait seven-six five four three two and one good guys breathe tap it out grab a quick sip of water we’re gonna bring it down on to our mat with your dumbbells okay guys so we’re down on the mat with our dumbbells we’re going to come into a plank position so don’t worry beginners I’m going to give you a couple of options if you can your hands are your dumbbells your all the way up in that plank we’re just holding it here beginners you have option to be on your knees or that still feels like too much you can be in that hands and knees position from here from that position we’re going to go into a row so you’re just pulling one elbow up in time very slow and controlled you’re going to feel a lot of ABS a lot of arms and back if that feels like too much guys you can always drop to the knees try to keep it sort of in that push-up position where my body is straight or if you need to be here and just sort of all fours that’s fine too but I don’t want you to do is be rounding in that back will be here on the knees try to make sure that you’re in a good position nice and strong just bring it up for the back or the ABS and we’ll go for three two and one pushes it aside quick stretch back nice job guys so breathe push those to the side for now is isolating the ABS we’re going to come into a plank position so you can elbows and toes guys either just hold here beginners if you need to drop to those knees starting with the plank and then I’m going to give you a couple of options you don’t have a ton of space there but we’re going to bring the knees in one at a time so just really small and then if you want an extra challenge you’re going to add a little pike so the hips are coming up as the knees are coming up so watch Jack she’s not only getting the knee crunch but her hips are raising just a bit in between what it’s not guys is this they’re not staying up the whole time they’re dropping back down to that regular you can always just hold a plank you can always just have the knees coming in but here we’re getting all through the core last four and three good work two and one stretch it back you can feel that right all the way through so big stretch relax those hands for a minute and we’re going to come back into our plank from the row so the very first thing we did we’re going to give you a couple of options to take it up if you need to so back into that plank you need to be on the knees fine start with just your reps so we’re just bringing it up exactly what you did before isolating those back muscles and then if you want we’re going to do a small little rotation so you’re just opening up the shoulders so you can either stay with me where you keep it small or like jack extend it all the way up up to you guys start small if you need to she’s very strong and fit feels like too much you can be exactly where you are or on the knees just with that ro totally up to you a couple more four and three two last one guys stretch it back good job push those Dumba’s to the side rest your hands and wrist breathe let’s go back to our elbows raise you one more little version of a plank so on your elbows here beginners if you need to you can stay on those knees and we’re going to a plank jacks so my knees are soft little jump out jump in you have a few options you can stay with jack jumping out or you can just walk it out walk it in my hips are still in place they’re not going high walk it out walk it in or jump it notice her knees are soft and she’s still landing soft like if she were doing an actual jumping jacks up to you guys beginners you can always just hold the plank either here or knees if you absolutely have to or just walk it out walk it in a couple more we’re so close last three two and row stretch it up go ahead right stretch back whew come all the way down on to our back whoo awesome work guys we’re in the homestretch here so we’re gonna grab those dumbbells all the way down we’re going to come into a chest press so if you can guys we’re going to bring those feet up straight up so they’re engaging your abs that feels like too much you could always just be right here and we’re going to do a chest press so you’re up and then down and out so beginners you can have those feet down or tabletop everyone else try to keep them up if you can because we’re going to give you a progression in just a minute making sure we’re very control through that motion then we’re not letting those arms go out wide abs are pulled in back as flat press into the ground last three two let’s hold those dumbbells up so if you can guys lower those legs just a bit and bring it up beginners if you need to you can keep them a little smaller a little lower but trying to keep the dumbbells up to force you to have to stabilize and lowering the legs back press flat into the ground if you feel that arch don’t go as low keep them a little higher last two one more and relax for just a second bring them both down you can kind of relax those feet down so this time guys we’re going to try putting them together so starting those feet at the top I’m going to do the chest press as I come down I’m going to lower those legs very controlled a lot of things working beginners if you want to make it smaller just tap the toes down that’s totally fine or you can be all the way down all the way up lots of power contracting as you go up and then lengthen those muscles as you come down doing great guys looking good jack couple more breathe strong abs strong arms working all the way through all the way through the core last one and relax good drop the dumbbells inside open up your chest get a little stretch good work guys breathe OOP let’s get a little starfish Apso watch me feed her out long we’re going to reach up opposite hand to leg so just really small if you want and then if you want more of a challenge you’re going to bring it all the way up all the way down exactly so watch this core strength through here she’s not using momentum but it’s totally fine guys you don’t have that core strength yet that’s okay I don’t want you to use your back so you can just lift the shoulders and lift the legs so you can either be here with me or all the way up with Jack controls breathe here we go last four perfect and three keep reaching long two one more and relax right hugs it’s like deceptively hard right hug those knees and get a little stretch nice job guys so grab those dumbbells one more time we’re going to bring them here we’re going to do a Close Grip press so what this does elbows are in tight you’re pressing straight up straight down working on through the chest and arms are really isolating triceps as well so let’s have those feet in tabletop if you can resting here straight up straight down beginners if you need to be down you can and then you can either just keep the arms or at a slow bicycle elbows are in pushing the legs out and in lots of ABS here on the mat right so again keeping them very controlled elbows come right by your side legs are just pushing out beginners you can keep them down or you can just do little taps and in small last two one more and relax drop them down big reach stretch that out right oh let’s roll it up to a seated position stretch those knees out to the side we are almost alright guys so we’re here we’re going to come up into our boxing position and we’re some eating little punches side to side so working through the ABS if it bothers your back I want you to sit up nice and tall and just reach from here but if you can you’re going to lean back a little and if that feels good bring those knees up so we’re getting that cardio we’re working through the arms but we’re also engaging those ABS four three two and relax take those knees out to the side all right guys do the same thing again let’s pick up those dumbbells right it’s gonna be tough so lots of strength in your abs in your back start small little reach right it’s gonna be tougher so you can keep it closer to your body beginners you can always drop the dumbbells and just do the motion that you just did you can’t drop it back keep up nice job bizarre huh four three two relax drop it down to the side stretch over step back nice job guys top lip it all the way over we’re going to come into a Superman position so watch Jacqueline just come on your stomach she’s going to lift and lower so just arms coming up and down so we’re squeezing all through the back upper back and shoulder glutes and hamstrings a full body move just lifting and lowering squeeze everything through there perfect lift let’s go two more up and squeeze last one hold it up let’s bring those hands together feet together beginners you can just a regular but we’re squeezing in tight so hands together feet together tighten those glutes tighten those arms and shoulders five four three two and relax so stretch up on those elbows right where you are good work breathe think we covered all of it guys right so stretching up with Jack you can come all the way up on those hands one just gently look side to side over clean up stretching out the next one Mac muscles relax your shoulders and sit back into the hips so Child’s Pose reach those hands away from your body making sure you’re letting your head and neck drop so you get that neck stretch to breathe and then roll over into a seated position seated here let those knees drop to the side one arm across drop the shoulder pull it in show you from the front and roll through the wrist as well it worked really hard how you feel good good sweaty and tired that’s what we want and then let’s go same thing other side across pull it in roll through the wrist so hopefully next time you come to this workout will feel a little easier chocolate over still challenging but your body will be more prepared and used to these motions inside your head relaxing with that as well other side big reach to the front chin to the chest and as always get more Imus stretch if you need it big deep breath in out and that was full-body dumbbell workout great job everybody  

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