You know, some of you guys think I’m a nice guy. You’re not going to be thinking that after this workout. I don’t even think I’m a nice guy. I already did the workout. I don’t like myself right now. This workout is tough. All you need is a 10 pair, 10 pound pair of dumbbells and you’re going to get absolutely wreck. And I did one round and I want you guys to try to do two rounds, three max if you can handle it. But wow, you wanted a tough at-home dumbbell only workout your wish just came true. So before we jump in, it’s four blocks. You’re doing one minute per exercise, 30 second rest in between each block of exercises. Each block has three exercises like I said and guys, get your water bottles ready, keep them nearby you. And I also suggest having a few pairs of dumbbells cause you might got like some of those, you know those old fashioned two pound or three pound dumbbells you thought you would never use. You might use them today. So let’s hit it. All right guys. Let’s go over the first three exercises in block one exercise Number one, you want to do a pushup to alternating mountain climber. Just like this. Exercise two, we’re going to stand up. We’re going to do upright row to lateral raise Then the third exercise is going to be Renegade row. One minute long, so get your water bottles ready. We’re about to hit it. This workout is going to be tough, but you’re going to love it when you’re done. Three, two, one and go, Oh yeah. Remember the whole point of this is consistency. Okay? You don’t have to go as fast as possible. You want to make sure you’re conserving your energy. Yeah, you want to make it to the end. Come on guys. You got this halfway there. Alternate those legs all the way up. Chest to the floor on the pushups. 20 seconds. Keep moving. Oh yeah, come on. You got this. Yeah, it’s supposed to burn. Five seconds. All right, stand up. Here we go. Upright row, lateral raise, upright row lateral raise. Doing good guys. If you have a hard time with up right rows. Make sure you’re not bringing your hands too close to each other. Feel the burn guys, I told you this is going to be one of the hardest workouts you’ve done in a long time. Yeah. Lateral raise. Upright row, lateral raise. Upright row. Come on guys. Don’t give up. Come on. Almost there. Yeah. Alright. Renegade rows. One minute long. Here we go. This movement’s all about speed and keeping up with your breathing in the next block of three exercises is going to be legs. It’s going to give that upper body a little bit of rest. Yeah, come on guys. Renegade row time. Here we go. Use your breathing to help you stay consistent halfway there. Come on guys. 15 seconds. Pull those elbows up high. Pull them up high five, four, three, two, one and relax. Next exercise, going to be doing a jump squat all the way down. Jump exercise two block two alternating reverse lunge and then exercise three is going to be a sit through where you’re basically going to get in this position. You’re going to sit to one side and then go to the other. All right guys, six seconds. Grab your dumbbells, two one and go jump squat with dumbbells. Ah, Oh yeah. 10 pound dumbbells. Never felt so heavy. Huh guys? Woo. Come on. Huh? Halfway there. Shake it off. 20 seconds. It’s burning Come on, let’s go alternating lunge. Here we go. Wow. My legs are so shaky right now. I can’t even lunge This is like insane endurance guys, but I refuse to let go of my dumbbells as much as it hurts. Keep moving. Keep moving. 20 seconds. Nice. Steady pace. 15 seconds. Come on guys, come on on the ground. Sit through my legs don’t work. It’s like, it feels like you’re dragging two big logs back and forth. Ah, come on guys. You got this. We’re in this together. We’re struggling together halfway there. Come on, push, push. Alright, last 10 seconds. Try to go faster, Alright, next three exercises going to do alternating dumbbell curl. Just like this. And then we’re going to do overhead extensions and then alternating jumping lunge overhead extension. And you guys know what a jumping lunge looks like cause I can’t demonstrate it right now. Here we go and hit it. My legs are on fire, alternating curl. Let’s see it. Oh my gosh. Come on guys. Stay with me. Stay with me halfway there. Come on. Fully extend your elbows at the bottom. 20 seconds left. Ah, Come on guys. Five seconds. Woo. Hands overhead all the way down. All the way up. You guys got this. Come on, 40 seconds. Come on guys. Halfway there. 15 seconds. 10 seconds. Come on. Alternating jumping lunge. I’m going to do this as long as I can holding my dumbbells. Come on guys. I know it’s tough. Rest if you need it and then keep going. Here we go. Come on. We got this halfway there. Let’s go guys, come on. Last 15 seconds. No stopping. Maybe you’re really slow, but no stopping. Come on legs work. Alright, now for the final block. First up, Russian twist. Okay guys, back and forth. With your dumbbell, get on the floor, we’re going to do a crunch holding the dumbbell in the air. The last exercise up and overs. I’m going to put our dumbbell right in between our feet. Here we go. Russian twist. You should feel like you want to puke cause that’s how I feel. Ricky doesn’t feel anything. He’s laying down. He’s laying down off just watching me. Come on stomach. Don’t let me down. 30 seconds. Come on. Come on guys. 13 seconds. Five. Come on and on your backs. All right. Crunch time. Come on guys. Doing a good job. Don’t drop that weight. Hold it over your head. Come on. Just keep moving. I know it hurts Halfway there. Come on. Come on guys. Stick with it. Alright, last exercise. Up and overs Let’s see it. Up and over guys, you got this. Come on, let’s hit it together. Let’s go. I know those abs are on fire, but push through your limits guys. Surpass your limits. Come on guys. 20 seconds left. Let’s hit it. 10 seconds. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Woo. And that’s it guys. Wow, that was brutal. I can’t even get up to walk up Forward roll off camera. Oh man. I told you guys that workout destroyed me. I’m barely standing right now. My legs are like jelly, but Hey, you know what? I wanted to push my limits. I know you guys are wanting to push your own limits now that you’re training at home. Gyms are still closed, and if you really enjoyed the workout, show some love. Please tap that like button if you can still move. If you can’t move, tap it later. And remember more at home workouts, body weight, dumbbells, only, body part specific, everything you need to train from home in this playlist right here, and if you guys want a full 12 week at home workout where all you need is one pair of dumbbells. Guys, my website is only $10 full program right here. So make sure you check it out. I’ll see you there. الإنجليزية   

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