12 Min Workout with Dumbbells | Full Body Workout Women

  Hi, I’m Marissa, and we’re going to do a 15 minute dumbbell workout So you can go anywhere from three to five pounds. I have three pounds right here We’re going to start by feet apart and warming up the torso so up we go and Thirty [seconds] here Keep that torso nice and engaged you’re really warming up the oblique side to side warming up the shoulders [twenty] seconds to go keep the knees at a nice bend elbows in ten seconds Tummy should be warm and We’re gonna Switch to squat and press ready Dumbbells up and still feet a little wider than shoulder width go ahead and squat to a press thirty seconds, so [weight] in your heels [keep] your toes [pointed] forward Get the dumbo’s all the way down to your shoulders and press them all the way up [Twenty] seconds to go Keep all the weight in your heels knees back behind the toes ten seconds core engaged Three two and one good let’s get some lateral motion going in there shoulders side to side we’re [Gonna] go for 15 ready and Side together that’s one two heart rate should go up three side to side Getting low every time and eight more Shoulders way up keep those weights moving in five four three and one [all] right, let’s go into punches 15 on each side so ready engage the core three four five six seven eight [nine], ten five four three Two and one [let’s] switch to uppercuts ready and up fifteen on each side three four Good engage his biceps try to get low get the heart rate up Stay motivated 12 13 14 and 15 good switching to [triceps]. Let’s slow it down feet together Bend the knees and we’re going to go into triceps and biceps. We’re going to engage both starting here and pressing it all the way [out] 15 ready and 1 Engage the core keep this nice [flow] and controlled the slower the better engage the biceps and the triceps seven six five four three two and one Good let’s go back into core ready Right foot out right foot up, and we’re going to bring it in for 15 14 13 Need an elbow every time connect them stretch out Getting those shoulders in rotate their fists all the way out five four three Two and one switch side straight into it ready. Go for fifteen one two Three so we’re stabilizing on that right leg engaging the obliques on the left and six five four three Two and one let’s keep the heart rate going feet apart Right arm up we’re going to squat down reach to the opposite tunnel and reach it up Fifteen wraps, that’s two three keep the weight in your heels Five six good try to get all the way down, but make sure you’re bending at the knee not at the waist six five four three two and one [good] switch sides fifteen on the other side up to toe and up for one Two so you’re just leaving that right arm right down by the side Heart rate should be up body should be warm Doing great keep it up eight seven Six five four three two and one All right, let’s switch it back to the posterior Chain We’re going to lean forward feet together and we’re going to row for 15 ready and go up two three [good] for we’re going to keep the shoulders down make sure you’re not raising up here pull the shoulder [blades] down the back Try to squeeze those shoulder blades together in the back. We have five more four three two and One good let’s switch it triceps so arms overhead Dropping the weights behind you keep a slight bend to the knee to keep your knees safe core tight protect that lower back we’re going [to] go for 15 tricep raises ready and [1] So every time you come [up] you really want to squeeze those triceps drop them all the way back and all the way [up] Keep it nice slow and controlled in six five four three two [and] last one good Switching it up going to get into some glutes some balancing taking the right leg back dumbbells up front and we’re lifting [fifteen] [Fourteen] So we’re working on stabilizer muscles right here in the left leg Lifting up as high as you can with the right leg and keeping their shoulders working five left four three two and one good switch feet Last 15 reaching up with the shoulders and one Balancing on one leg always keeping that knee nice and at a safe bend We’re almost there four three two and One good switching to the other leg and I dig into those hamstrings now Again balancing dropping the dumbbells down and we’re going to reach down towards the foot for ten Nice slow and controlled It’s always easier if you find something for your eyes to focus on to keep that balance Good let that back leg glide up Keep the weights close to your shin on your way down and three two and one great Last exercise, we’re going to go into lunges with a lateral shoulder lift right leg forward keep the energy up. We’re almost finished and Drop down for 15 lifts. That’s one Keep it nice flow and control Okay, we’re working on those delts really forming those arms toning the butt five four three two and last one good switch it up left leg forward get up on that back right toe and [let’s] go for the last [15] drop down for one And it’s always important to keep that front knee behind your front toe Good ten nine, eight six more five four three Two and one all right nice job guys we’re going to go [ahead] and put the weights down Let’s stretch it out Right arm over cross the left try to keep the shoulder away from your chin Slow the heart rate down slow the Breath down We’re just holding stretching out all those muscles. We just worked so hard and Switch it up left left arm crossing really pull with that right arm pull the shoulder down Always keep the core tight Good right, arm up let’s hit the triceps go ahead and pull [that] elbow down and switch Great now let’s reach down to the opposite toe Stretch out the hamstrings that we worked so hard and switch Alright good job guys let’s finish it out with some deep breaths ready feet together breathe in take it out Hold at the top and exhale down And one more time breathe in at the top hold and exhale down Great job guys you [just] did 15 minutes of toning with these weights. You did an amazing job join me next time الإنجليزية  

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